molon-labe_grandeNormal gyms couldn’t care less if you showed up or not. In fact, their business model depends on you quitting while continuing to pay. As a results-based business, you quitting doesn’t do us any good. In fact, the only thing that really helps our business is <gasp!> you actually getting in shape.
But it’s more than that: you are here to contribute to the athleticism and the power of the group.
Everyone starts somewhere and I get that but I like to say that we only have two groups of people at Formosa Fitness: winners and those that want to be winners. I don’t have time for anyone else and I put this opinion out there to scare off people that aren’t sincere in the first place. I’ve talked to many people who say they are interested in joining the gym and within 10:00 of talking to them, it’s clear to me and sometimes even to them that they have no intention of going through with joining the gym. I encourage those people to go to the treadmill-Zumba-nightclub down the street.
But even some people that join still don’t get it. We teach private sessions and group class in such as way to empower you to do it yourself! Yes, if you follow what we teach, you will eventually not need us to guide you. You not only can do it on your own, if you stay in any of our sessions or even if you stay in our gym, period, you will be expected to contribute to the gym, not just take from it.
What does that mean? It means being pro-active and not waiting for others to tell you what to do. It means helping others out. It means not making excuses and not being a drag on the group every time you come in. It means learning the exercises and LEADING the group! Yes, your fitness in Formosa Fitness isn’t just about you, it’s about you getting fit so you can help us with the newbies that need you to lead by example. It’s about you being a role-model for those that come after you. It’s about you breaking away from a weak society that tells you that you don’t need to be strong and joining your brothers and sisters in the tribe in developing and sharing the values that we hold dear.
What is it not about? It’s not about free towels, free water, and “light” fitness. It’s not about “where do I do cardio?” And it’s certainly not about, “But I don’t want to get strong.” Plenty of places dedicated to being weak. Please join one of those.
So if getting strong is important to you, this is where you belong. But the strong contribute to the group, only the weak detract from it and take what they can. Choose strength over weakness.