xenia2This is a great story from one of our favorite clients. She has done well and shows what hard work and correct attitude can get you! Thanks to her and our other folks that work so hard!
We arrived to Taiwan the first week of August. I was trying to get back in shape, especially now that I’m in my earlier 40’s. I was never too fat, however after eating more than I should and most importantly not exercising enough, yoga was I did when I did something and a bit of cardio,during 2012 my weight went from 60Kg to 80Kg faster than I noticed. My height is 5feet 7inches. I really began to try to do something in 2013, when I was in VA, USA. I was able to come down in weight by going once or twice a week to a Kettlebell classes. I learned there about that type of workout. I really enjoyed it but I knew it wasn’t enough for my body. When I arrived to Taiwan in August 2013, my weight was 64Kg, but to my surprise the belly fat was still there.

I knew I needed to challenge my body more and include more protein in my diet. The first month was hard because we were getting used to our new home. In September I began my quest for the prefect gym to really help me achieve my goal of getting stronger and perhaps, I thought I may get rid of my belly fat. I was lucky enough to know about Formosa Fitness, I enrolled first in the Strength Training Class. I felt challenged and felt in love with the free weights. But I knew I needed something more, so I decided to take one-on-one sessions, so I could have plan developed to reach my goals faster.

In October, I started my private sessions twice a week with Lou. I decided to forget about the scale and just measure my progress with pictures. I’m so glad I did it.When my strength began to increase, my body shape was changing as well before my eyes,but more important I began to felt empower, healthier and with more energy. We kept the Kettlebells, but incorporated the big lifts deadlift, benchpress, squat and other exercises.

I even had an accident, at the end of November, that put me out of the gym for 6 weeks. When I came back Lou, helped my hand recover sooner by using weights.

In July I decided to take a picture and compare what happened to my body before and after Formosa Fitness, I think it’s very obvious that my belly fat is going away, my strength has increased a lot, my blood test came perfect, my body shape is improving a lot and I even though I’m lifting decent amount of weights,I don’t look like Hulk. You will also be surprised to learn that my weight now is 67Kg now, however I look slimmer. Scales can lie!My recommendation to all women is to not be afraid of weighlifting, embrace it,become stronger and then your body shape will become better. One of the best parts,is that I didn’t do a diet just increase my protein and follow Lou custom made program. If you’re serious about improving your health an body shape, do yourself a favor and join Formosa Fitness,you will not be dissapointed. It has everything you need and a very supportive environment. I’m convinced Formosa Fitness is the best gym in Taiwan.