Kettlebell Quest

Want to learn how to use the kettlebell to burn fat and get in shape? Your journey starts here!

16 follow along workouts that go from basic, barely knowing how to use the kettlebell all the way up to double kettlebell cardio madness. Get killer fat loss and cardio conditioning!
I designed this to be the only kettlebell workout you may ever need. The workouts progress the most popular kettlebell exercises from beginner level all the way up to super advanced with double kettlebell exercises. So you get an overview of nearly everything possible with the kettlebell all on one DVD.

Want to see what learning from the DVD will be like? Here’s a short sample of the workouts from the DVD:

The jam packed DVD is 100 minutes long and has as much information as we could squeeze into it.

But what’s the BEST PART of this DVD? The fact that if you are still confused about how to use the kettlebell, you can come see us right here in Taiwan through one of our seminars and certifications get your moves corrected. Unlike any other equipment seller in Taiwan, we go out of our way to make sure you understand how to use and get the best results with our products. We care about you!

Available now for the low price of NT750, including shipping to anywhere in Taiwan! Get your copy today and get the results you want!