Come try our newest location in HsinDian! Bigger and with equipment rarely found anywhere else. The address is MinChuan Rd. #101 B1 Phone: 8667-6697


The view when you walk in. Open workout area is in front of the camera.
Four dedicated power racks plus a rack on the yoke makes 5 for now. The monkey rig we have coming will give us two more power racks making 7 in total.
Where the magic happens. Swing and snatch the kettlebell in front of this guy and you’ll do 10% more for sure. 🙂
Our “cardio theater.” We do strength training for cardio but we do have a few dedicated cardio pieces. The Assault Air Bike and the Ski Erg are designed for high intensity interval training. Twice the workout in half the time.
Our competition bench press. The most stable, solid bench you’ll ever use.

45kg/100lbs plates. For serious deadlifting, something everyone at Formosa Fitness does. If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you! Great for fat loss actually
Strongman equipment. this is the best sled I’ve seen and the yoke is really nice. Looking forward to using this stuff myself. Moving heavy weights around the gym is how you get results.
A close up of our new iron plates. These cost me quite a bit but they’re worth it. I didn’t want to compromise on quality and I hope gymgoers like it. I really went out of my way to make this the best strength gym I know how. Please stop by if you get a chance.

We also have two private showers separate from the bathrooms for your convenience. We don’t like showering with other people either. Private lockers are free to use and we’re conveniently located less than 5:00 west of DaPingLin station. Come check us out!